New article: the Anamorph.

I have placed a new ‘tech article’ (in English) on the Anamorph camera, it’s here in the tech section: link

It’s an article on the strangest camera I own, made by a Polish manufacturer…

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The making of: Bretagne, sunset

At holiday, in Bretagne, we noticed this spot, near our rented mobile home. Beautiful, with the last rays of the sun lighting up that small house at the end of the peninsula.
But I did not carry my pinhole camera.Next day: rainy and cloudy…
A few days later, the sun was there, with some clouds, so I walked the 30 min. to the edge. Upon arriving, the sun just went after some clouds and didn’t return.
But the next day was sunny, including the evening at sunset. So back again, and the 8Banners MB camera was set up at a low wall aligning the beach and small road to the house. Here it is, exposing for some 4 minutes:

It was well worth the repeated walks (which wasn’t that bad, actually a nice walk along the coast). Here is the resulting pinhole image, which will be in the Bretagne gallery:


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Hello, welcome

Hello all, welcome to my new new site, mostly on pinhole photography. In the coming weeks I will add new galleries, some articles, and the “about me” section.
And of course I will post blog entries here!

Hallo allemaal, welkom op mijn nieuwe site, voornamelijk over pinhole fotografie. In de komende tijd zal ik foto-galerijen, artikelen, en de “over mij”  onderdelen toevoegen.
En natuurlijk regelmatig een blog post toevoegen!


This is me taking taking a pinhole image…

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