On this page I will add links to fellow (pinhole) photographers that I consider worthwhile… Some I have met in person (at the famous Zavel Tref meetings, or on a WPD get together in Amsterdam in 2014)

This list will be expanded now and then

Hanne Van Baarle, fellow pinhole photographer in Utrecht, also very good with the lens put on ­čÖé  Check out his Light Bulbs series: Hanne’s site

Pinhole obscura, where Moni & Friends offer lots of pinhole images and stories: Pinhole Obscura

Pinholista, where Alex Yates places images and blog entries: Pinholista

Jeff McConnel has wonderful images, pinhole and more: Jeff’s site

Udo Prinsen does interesting things with pinhole and solargraphy, and took cameras close to the north pole, on Spitsbergen(!): Udo Prinsen

I have met Jesus Joglar in Amsterdam, and he does lots of pinhole experiments Jesus Joglar

Inge van Leipsig does lots of different things; pinhole, holga, diswasher developement…Inge’s site