Before we had computer models, the only way to study the movement of water was to build scale models. This was done in the Netherlands in the newly created Noordoostpolder area (“polders”: creating land out of sea) with enough space to create large scale models of harbors, ports, rivers etcetera. After the mid 1990’s computers could be used, and this “open air laboratory” became useless. It was left for nature to do what nature does: grow over the man-made objects.
Currently is has been converted into a forest park, with walking routes that wander through these models. When you take the route, you stumble upon water streams, locks, small “waterfalls”, big installations t0 create waves, and so on.

This is heaven for pinhole photographers 🙂
Below a few images of my first visits to the waterloopbos, I will return , I’m sure !

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