Rügen holiday island

Again, way too long between new content, apologies!
Here is some “new”  work, made last year on a holiday trip to Rügen.
This small island at the Baltic sea holds a lot to appreciate: beautiful coast line with high chalk cliffs, old-fashioned seaside resorts with beach chairs, elegant architecture and some spectacular piers, and more. It also holds one of the largest structures built by the nazis (Prora), and also some wonderful concrete shell structures that were designed by Ulrich Muther in  the DDR era. So a lot to wander around and see, both for ourselves as for the pinholes cameras 🙂
Below are some of the things that I captured, with various pinhole cameras, mainly the RSS66, the 8Banners MB, and the Vermeer anamorphic camera.

First some shots of the shell structures and (seaside) architecture:

Next an anamorphic shot of the beach chairs and a straight shot of the Gohren pier:

And some random shots of one of the harbour towns and the seaside:

Finally, a picture made in the cafetaria at Prora. An eerie place with a dark history, which (to my amazement) is now converted into seaside apartments that are for sale.





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