New camera: Reality so Subtle 6X17

Although pinhole photographers are not that interested in new gear (we don’t need lenses), sometimes I want to expand my camera collection with a new type, either by making it myself or buying it. I wanted a panoramic camera that goes beyond my current 6X12 format.

After a dissappointing experience with Ondu (they got many, many orders for their various formats and couldn’t deliver everything to everyone in time), I looked out for another supplier of a pinhole camera with extended landscape format.

And I found James Guerin who produces and sells cameras that go by the name of Reality so Subtle. You can find him here: Au Premier plan

I ordered the 6X17 model, and it was at my doorstep within a week ­čÖé
Now that is prompt delivery!

This is what the camera looks like: IMG_7260
This machine is heavy, sturdy, and lives up to James’ statement “excellent CNC quality” (whatever that means). Loading the machine is quite a trick, I used a pair of fishbone tweezers to get the roll of film thru the path. That helped, will be my standard loading tool.

Here are the first result of this camera, in the first roll I only used the the regular lower pinhole. Next time I will try out the raised pinhole, which sets the horizon at the bottom of of the image. Because of the circular film path (with prevents light fall-off) the edge of a straight objet (the table) close to the camera gets deformed, but that’s part of the extras you get with this type of construction!

I think this camera will travel with us on our trip to Tuscany, very curious how Italy looks thru the 6X17 pinhole format!




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