I need to catch up on my blog entries, so here are some thoughts and pictures from our trip to Berlin at the end of april 2019…

Of course when you visit a city like Berlin for the first time, you go and see all the usual highlights. And so do a lot (a lot!) of other tourists. It’s hard to avoid the people that are all over the place, at Brandenburger Tor, Unter den Linden, etcetera. With the long pinhole exposures you can try to “empty” the city, but as we had nice sunny weather (and I carried ISO400 film), I decided to use the people and try to get some tourist in the frame in the ghostly pinhole way.
Because after all: when the people are there, it’s better to make use of them than trying to avoid.
I took along the RSS66, with the intention of using both the center and the upper pinhole. For big buildings the rise possibility is very convenient. This worked out fine, but at some moments I had a little trouble opening and closing the right shutter. Excited by the image that I visualised, I forgot which shutter to open (or sometimes which one to close) 🙂

Some spots (like checkpoint charlie) we visited very briefly, these are way to crowded and commercialized to be interesting. But at a site like Bernauer strasse, which is very impressive, the atmosphere was much more quiet and genuine.

Here are some shots I made during the few days we wandered around Berlin.
The bottom two pictures were taken at the Hackesche Höfe, which is a nice quiet spot in the middle of a busy city!


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